A monument to the best kind of ungoverned chaos

A Curated Tribute

A Dirtlot-centric tour of the Temple of yesteryear...

Note the large firehouse where the north end of the dirtlot is now. Also the "Kardon Furniture" sign on the roof of the Kardon building.
This picture shows a firehouse on the north side of the dirt lot, and more dirt lot where the electric generating plant now is. Also, the now gone Sjostrum building and beer distributor where the apartments now are.
Note the Bell Building/TECH Center not yet built, nor Tuttleman Hall. The parking lot where Tuttleman now stands is where the large spring fling concerts were held.
Bell Building built, but Bell Garage is not. The tiny SEPTA train station is at Cecil B. Moore.
1980s computer models!
Former dirtlot, circa August 2012